Episode # 1

What Is Life After Now?

A global pandemic, racial injustice, political uprisings, and a pending climate crisis are just a few of the serious issues we face as we begin building towards a “new normal.” So, how do these challenges affect students making decisions about their future? What about life after now?

In this episode, our host, Liz Bolsoni, talks to Kat Klima, Outreach and Communications Coordinator from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, about the mission of the Life After Now Podcast; what listeners can expect to hear over the course of the season; and where to find more information. Life After Now is brought to you by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • History and goals of the Life After Now Podcast
  • Definitions of higher education and why it’s important
  • Challenging assumptions and myths about what college means
  • Rising to meet the challenges of educational gaps and injustice within the educational system

Kat Klima - Guest at Life After Now

Episode Transcript


Kat Klima is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator at the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. She is a current Master’s student at the University of Minnesota focusing on rural student resistance to higher education. Prior to coming to Minnesota, she worked as a science teacher in Miami, Florida with Teach For America.

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