Episode # 23

Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Is it possible to turn your passion into a career? In this episode, Uzo Ngwu shares about how being an artist and believing in herself has helped her find the confidence to achieve her goals to pursue artistic passions. Uzo talks about her journey of activating her creativity by using artwork as a springboard to other creative pursuits. She also shares about the importance of school art programs and how they become vehicles for entering into creative communities and connecting with others by sharing your creativity with the world. Life After Now is brought to you by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.


Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How art and creativity influence all areas of our lives
  • The benefits of including creativity and passion into your career
  • How relationships create opportunities for collaboration
  • How to remain true to your art while pursuing whatever else you want to do

Uzo Ngwu

Episode Transcript


Uzo Ngwu is a multidisciplinary artist, creative and freelance illustrator who is currently working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Film and Visual Studies at Harvard College. Alongside her Harvard classes, she takes classes at Berklee College of Music as part of the Harvard-Berklee dual-degree program. 

Uzo's main artistic focuses are digital art and illustration, but as a multifaceted artist she is also interested in filmmaking, animation, music and acting. She hopes her commitment to creating vibrant pieces and telling compelling stories shines through in all of her work.

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