Episode # 7

Staying Engaged in the Face of Challenges

Jeremiah Harris, the director of GEAR UP Minneapolis, talks about the kinds of support you deserve and should expect in making choices about your educational future. There are lots of great programs and resources out there to help you on your journey, and there are also a wide array of educational opportunities out there for you - not just a four year degree. If you have a vision for where you want to end up, organizations like GEAR UP are available to help you talk about how to make that a reality both in terms of imagining the path to get there and getting the financial resources to walk it. Life After Now is brought to you by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.


Topics covered in this episode include:

  • GEAR UP Minneapolis - Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness of Undergraduate Programs
  • The kinds of support and resources that are out there for high school students who are thinking about education after high school
  • Postsecondary education options beyond four year college degrees - there are many other viable options out there!
  • Financial aid resources

Jeremiah Harris

Episode Transcript


Jeremiah Harris has held many titles including Admissions Counselor, Mentor, School Counselor, Teacher, Coach, Program Manager, and Co-Founder/President. However, he notes that the title of being a Black man in America has had the most profound impact on his journey, Jeremiah worked hard to gain his High School Diploma from Lyons Township High School, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from Wartburg College, and Master's degree in School Counseling from the University of Northern Iowa. Even with all the accolades behind his name, he has experienced police brutality, institutional racism, and many other forms of discrimination. Despite that, he embraces every aspect of his story, and remains committed to improving the lives of young people. 

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